May 8, 2013


May is Masturbation Month

May is National Masturbation Month (really!), and there are plenty of benefits to celebrating this holiday. Masturbation can boost your mood by releasing endorphins and eliminating stress. It can also help you last longer in bed! By releasing some of your sexual energy earlier, you can hold off a second orgasm later. Masturbation can also treat insomnia through hormonal and tension release.

Besides the numerous health benefits, masturbation is also healthy for your sexual well-being. Learning your likes and dislikes will help you guide your partner in bed to a better sexual experience.

April 22, 2013


5 Little Ways to Boost Your Sexual Self Esteem



Feeling unsexy? It’s okay – everyone hits those low days sometimes. If you’re just not feelin’ it but want to get back into the mood, here’s 5 easy things you can do to boost your sexual self esteem!

1. Lace up that sexy lingerie
Even if your work uniform is decidedly unsexy, you can still wear your lacy intimates underneath. Just knowing how good you look underneath can really give your mood a boost.

2. Disconnect from distractions
It’s not very sexy to check your email, your Facebook, your text messages, your mail, and what new shows are on Netflix. Don’t settle yourself into distractions, instead focus on engaging yourself in positive things.

3. Get worked up
Sweating in a gym full of grunting people lifting weights isn’t exactly sexy, but getting your body moving is! Re-energize yourself (and your libido) with 20 minutes of yoga, running, pilates, or any workout that gets your blood flowing.

4. Fix your environment
Dirty laundry, an unmade bed, and dishes in the sink are not good mood-setters. Instead, take some time to spruce up your living space and add some romantic touches. Dimmed lights, candles, soft music, and a clean & comfortable bed can take your libido from zero to “ready to go!”

5. Stop stressin’
Stress can seriously bring down a person’s libido. It’s not so easy to remove stress from your life completely – but you can set yourself up to ignore the stress for a few hours. Take a bubble bath (without your phone or laptop!) and spend time pampering yourself and not thinking about stresses. You’ll be much more in the mood!

April 4, 2013


Having a Healthy Body Image Will Lead to Better Sex


The first step to improving your sex life doesn’t have anything to do with your partner – betterment starts from within! It’s important that you feel confident, happy, and healthy when you choose to be sexually active…but getting that healthy body image isn’t always easy. Here are stop tips to create a better body image for yourself:

Make It All About You
One of the most toxic things you could do to your body is compare it with other people’s bodies. Everyone envies SOMETHING about another person’s looks, but it’s futile to dwell on what you don’t have. Put way the magazines, turn off the fashion shows, and make a list of all the things you love about your body.

Be Realistic
If you have always been 5’2″ but wanted to be 5’7″, it’s time to face the fact that you are never going to be tall. Stop picking at ‘flaws’ in yourself and accept who you are. You are only given one body…so learn to love it as it is!

Be Kind To Your Body
A healthy body image comes from within. Exercising, eating right, and getting plenty of sleep will help your body feel better – and you’ll feel better about it!

Fake It Till You Make It
Don’t think your legs look good? Show them off anyway! Feeling insecure about your outfit? Walk down the street with a huge smile regardless. Forcing yourself to act confident will help you feel more confident in the long run.

Remember, a healthy body image doesn’t appear overnight…and it can be a process to learn to love yourself fully. But having a healthy body image will help you improve your sex life and make you feel better about yourself.


March 25, 2013


How To Feel Sexy – Every Day!


Feeling sexy is an important part of life, and one that we tend to forget about as we get older. Stress, work, and other life obligations get in the way of taking “me-time” to feel sexy, energized, and happy. Thankfully, there are ways to feel sexy amid the stress of every day life:

1. Get Your Beauty Sleep
While going to bed early and getting a full 8 hours may seem very un-sexy, it actually can be one of your biggest helpers in feeling sexier. Being well rested can improve your complexion, reduce stress, and give you more energy! Feeling rejuvenated after a good night’s rest will give your libido a big boost.

2. Eat Your Vegetables
Eating frozen dinners, fast food burgers, and microwave meals every day may save you time, but it won’t leave you feeling good. Your body gives back what you put into it – so load up on fruits, veggies, and good food to fix your energy and your libido!

3. Get Off The Couch & On Your Feet
Sitting on the couch watching reruns every evening is not sexy. Spend a few nights each week doing something active – yoga, hiking, and walking are all easy activities that will get your blood flowing.

4. Bring Your Inner Beauty Out
To feel sexy, you need to feel beautiful inside and outside. Wear clothes that make you feel confident, and spend time pampering yourself. Your confidence will radiate and make you feel sexier!

5. Get Your Me-Time In
How can you feel sexy when you’re busy running to meetings, making dinner, and taking your kids to soccer practice? It’s hard, but try to reserve some “me time” as often as possible. Even having an hour to relax in a bath can help you feel sexier.
What do you do to help yourself feel sexier?

March 4, 2013


Baby Boomers Explore Their Sexuality

Men, women, and couples over 60 are not only sexually active, but also still exploring their sexuality and trying new things. CEO of Castle Megastore, Mark Franks, explains, “Boomers are people who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s and went through some of the more liberal periods, historically. (Today) these people are sexually active and looking for ways to improve and enhance their sexual well-being.”

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